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Comfort Zone Uk . Facial

Comfort Zone UK

Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift Facial
75 mins | £65
Comfort Zone State of the art ultimate anti-ageing facial combines new Archi-lift technology with the renewing effects of the AHA double peel, for an instant resurfacing, brightening and replumping effect. Ideal for mature skin with visible signs of aging, this firming facial stimulates cellular regeneration using an exclusive peptide active mask, which mimics the action of botox, helping to oxygenate skin cells, giving an instant firming effect. The result is beautifully nourished smoother, radiant skin, with a more youthful lifted appearance.

75 mins | £70
The ultimate treatment to counter skin thinning, extreme dryness and loss of density due to menopause. The exclusive cell support technology, innovative oil based textures, and two special massage techniques, dermal petrissage and kobido, reactivate cellular communication, regenerate and redensify the skin. This is a superb, luxurious facial.

Sublime Skin Double Peel
50 mins | £50
This advanced facial offers a powerful combination of lactic acid with AHA and Vitamin C. Ideal for targeting uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. It safely and effectively removes the thickening layer of the epidermis, revealing an incredibly radiant, even complexion. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Hydramemory Facial
60 mins | £55
The ultimate treatment for deep hydration and radiance, ideal for Dehydrated skin stressed by central heating and air- conditioning. The HydraBrush Massage transports the precious Moringa Oil and the Hyaluronic Acid biomimetic fragments deep into the skin.

Recover Touch - Repair
50 mins | £50
Renewing, strengthening and soothing treatment, Nurture your skin and recover from the damage caused by sun, pollution and ageing. The Antioxidant, replenishing combination of organic Goji Berry and Macademia Oil leaves the skin soft and replenished.

Remedy - Sensitivity
60 mins | £55
An innovative, fortifying approach to sensitive, delicate skin. With a Prebiotic from sugar beets, promoting cutaneous resilience, and Maria Oil, this facial calms skin discomfort, relieves neuroinflammation and reinforces the skin defence.

Signature - Seasonal Brightening
60 mins | £55
Combining specialist products to meet your individual concerns
A unique lymphatic treatment to stimulate & balance vital energy & fluids.
Luxurious & effective this treatment reveals radiant hydrated plumped skin.

PURIFICATION – Active Pureness
50 mins | £55

If your skin is oily, scarred or acne-prone, this is the perfect choice for you! characterised by a mattifying peel-off Spirulina Algae mask, this deep, purifying facial with Mandelic Acid, Green and White Clays rebalances and reinforces pores and the skins defence.

Sublime Eye Mask £15
(can be added to any Facial)
Add this rejuvenating and collagen boosting treatment for your eyes to your Facial.
This treatment is included within the Sublime Skin Active Lift & Deluxe Facial


60 mins |£60

Ideal to rejuvenate stressed skin and to contrast accelerated aging.

The efficacy of a professional peel with 45% AHAs, the targeted customizable boosters and the powerful reoxygenating massage deliver a glowing and brighter complexion.

60 mins | £55

Clinically proven to detoxify the skin from pollution and formulated to specifically contrast impurities and imperfections.

The efficacy of the peel-off Detox Mask enriched with Chlorella and plant-based Charcoal, together with targeted customizable boosters will reveal a glowing, clearer and brighter complexion.

LED Light Therapy Treatment – Add on to any facial

Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage
1 hour £55
An innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways: olfactive, tactile and hearing, for profound relaxation. 
The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils for sleep and relaxation, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, uisng brainwave entrainment to slow down brainwave activity, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay manualities combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind and body state favoring sleep and helping to recover from jetlag side-effects.

Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or travelling to a new time zone

Hands And Feet
30 mins | £30
Rejuvenating Hand Ritual

A rejuvenating, protective Treatment rich in Vitamin E
and Karite Butter, restoring nourishment and beauty to the hands

30 mins | £30
Revitalising foot ritual with neem extract to reveal polished and smoother feet

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